Thursday, June 29, 2006


Is Ann Coulter a tweaker???

Just saw the divine AC on Neil Cavuto, ans she had that crackhead/speed freak look that I've come to know from all the days of rock n' rolling...if she's doing meth that is beyond my area of expertise...but meth heads are just speedfreaks anyway.

So Ann Coulter was talking about the post Viet Nam proclivity towards treason in regard to the recent Supreme Court ruling on Gitmo: and I forget who came on afterwards to say that this court is too liberal...but someone suggested that GW needs another Limbaughnista on the bench---dudes...the decision was 5-3...

Afterwards, some TV-happy fireman came on to promote as he traitorously blamed the government for turning its back on the "cowards" who rushed into the Twin Towers on that terrible Teusday almost half a decade ago...surprised she didn't hang around to cut him a new one!!!

The real question IS---Does Fox "news" represent the will of a limp limbaughnistic nation?

As of this writing, Matt Drudge considers these---
National Guard to Miss Border Mission Deadline; Not Even Half The Troops By End Of June...
FLOOD, USA the TOP stories!!!

Can i get a nigga please on that???

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