Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Paul Mooney--Nigger no more

For those of you fortunate to have Sirius radio, yesterday you missed a milestone in niggerdom---Paul Mooney, the writer behind THIS CALLSIC BIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0u7mZeCGko declared he would never use the word nigger anymore!!!

So in the wake of Michael Richards we now got another Bill Cosby motherfucker running around.

WAKE UP NIGGERS---[YEAH, the Gil Scott Heron/Last Poets song been deleted from the archives of Google and Yahoo!...but the song remains the same...]

When i came up from Jamaica in 1965 as a chile and was called nigger by some white trash down the railroad tracks from my mother's house in Jersey, i didndn't even know what the word meant, but i knew it sounded wrong, so i picked up a rock from the railroad track and flung it at them crackers...hit one upside the head...was out of town by sundown.

Back then it was politically correct to call y'all Negros or coloured people, most of y'all motherfuckers got mad when i called you Black or mentioned you wuz from Africa...now y'all African Americans...what the motherfuck!!!

Nigga please...i remember in junior high school when one of my homies came up to me and announced that Egypt was in Africa, proud of his discovery...like Malcolm X said...y'all left your minds in Africa.

So Mr Mooney is gonna stop using the dreaded "N" word when history shows that while you coloured motherfuckers have run the gamut from coloured to Negro to Afro-American to Black to what have you the only constant throughout history has been nigger...and IF you think Massuh gonna stop thinking you be niggers then i guess you probably wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn...or you still awaiting Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hanity to become born-again-Democrats!!!

NOTE TO MY NUBIAN PRINCESS---Robin Quivers better hurry up and do that Black Tail spread soon...you starting to make Regina Taylor look like Twiggy girl

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