Monday, August 21, 2006


Reuvensday explains it since it'd be a bitch to reproduce that here...and it's a MUST READ for those of you who can---James Joyce is not the usual fare for SFNers who may stumble onto this site...

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Spammers delight

Just saw this on my bulletin board: ad for some spamming bot, and the irony is that i have to waste an hour a day cleaning up the spam!!!

It sucks when you want a little place on the internet where you can be free of the tyranic rule of fools, and then the spammers discover it and make your existance a chore instead of an outlet for creativity and a little politically incorrect FREEDOM.

At least the spammers on my BB are trying to make a buck...these guys are for MySpacers who want to pad their "friends" list---what could be more pathetic???

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Stern [sissy] Fan Network

Some dude posted something about a domain name he bought, and internet gangsta Joey Boots threatened to pull the plug on obviously i could not restist the temptation to post this:

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Quote: Originally posted by EminemsRevenge No wonder you ain't got a job at Sirius...they ain't looking for another dump button goy

Will this be the one that gets hin put in TO?Boy- B o y.

ORIGINAL THOUGHT has become anathema on the internet, but nowhere more so than these "comedy" fan sites!!!

So maybe i'll be on permanent time out?

It's unfair to compare Joey Boots to Dead Air Dave though, a more apt comparison would be to Penny Crone, the Howard 100 newsteam crybaby!

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