Friday, April 28, 2006


A call for SOLIDARITY with our Mexican brethren...

IF i was still in school we'd be walking with the Mexicans on Monday
WHEN Mexicans can make the same money in factories there as they do here...then you won't have an "immigration" problem
My family were kind of like the Kennedys of Jamaica, so we didn't come here out of one from Jamaica did back then...but of course, that was before the CIA destabalized the government
Our prime minister had asked Gerald Ford for some money to help build schools, and he told Jamaica fuck you just like he told NYC to drop Manley asked Castro and the schools were built within a year
THEN the CIA started their dirty tricks, and the island has been reeling ever since.
The libaughnistas are lining up to prevent and punish the Mexicans for standing up for their rights...and we SHOULD show these corporate pirates that it's the people who have the power...that is contingent on us seizing control though.
Exxon and Wal-Mart don't give a fuck about your well being, and that's what this is all about--DENY people the most basic human rights and keep them "illegal" so that they essentially have no rights, and you've got a system that's better than slavery
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Martin Luther King once it's time to step up or shut up
JOIN OUR MEXICAN brothers and sisters in solidarity Monday!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Howard Stern suicidal???

For those of you who don't have Sirius satellite...besides what the fuck are you waiting for THIS is what happened today---

Robin Quivers still refuses to invite Stern's number one groupie, Sal the Stockbroker, to her party...and the future serial killer was not too thrilled to find out that former Fox "news" reporter Penny Crone made the cut. Whilst the announcement that shitheads Opie and Andy getting ready to replace former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth should be the most psychotic news story of the day...Howard's taunting today of future going postal employee whackpacker Sal will in all likelihood be the story that goes down in history!!!

THIS inaccuracy in media report is one of the many responsible for Sirius' artificially low stock prices...MY PREDICTION is 10 million Sirius subscribers this Christmas, that is if gas prices don't hit $4 a gallon...that will make voodoo economics really shit the fan.

Friday, April 14, 2006



Just in case you've never heard of these clones seem to think that they're the alpha and omega of writing!!!

Unlike and who don't thumb their noses at POD writers, the volk @ writersforum seem to think themselves the definitive word in writing.

Whilst this may sound like a self-promoting sour grapes post, you can view some of their "enlightened" commentary on the second page at , but if you don't want hit that link to see the vaunted critics of POD publishing, this gives you a good idea of their astute scholarship:

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!, April 12, 2006
J. Keogh - See all my reviews i havnt read the whole book, just page 6 (on this site) which was filled with numerous spelling mistakes, made up words (that have no meaning, even in context they make no sence) and basic writing mistakes. it shows that this author has no respect for the reader as it cant have been even slightly edited from the original version.

i can only picture the Lawrence Welk or American Idol audience seeing Coltrane come on stage.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Sean Hannity HUMAN???

Lynn Samuels admitted her racist desire to shoot all Mexicans illegally crossing the border on her Sirius radio show today...and then she revealed that Sean Hannity was against the idea!!!

Like all Howard Stern listeners, I have had to recently re-evaluate Hannity as a human being simply because he gave Howard a fair shake on his Fox "news" show...but the Lynn Samuels revelation put Sean in a whole new light---he really IS a good Catholic boy.

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