Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Howard Stern Becomes An American Caligula

For those of you not blessed to have Sirius Satellite radio...and all you procrastinators...yesterday was a moment in broadcast history!

Granted, Oakie and Antsie made broadcast history when they inspired a couple to have sex in Saint Patrick's for a radio prank, but that pales in comparison to what the Stern show had on the satellite waves yesterday, although the show was not their doing.

As stated on : Howard had a woman named Tomcat, her assistant, Michael and three porn stars into the studio to demonstrate some sex machines they brought with them. Tomcat said that the machines aren’t for sale, but that the girls showcase on her Website what the machines do.

What they did involved industrial machinery!!!

Former longshoreman Artie Lange was dubmfounded as one of the girls used a drill...the same drill he used to work with on construction sites.

I remember when i went with my boy Pat to see Bob Guccione's Caligula at an art house in New York, and the only one besides us in attendance was a Greek family--mother, father, uncles, cousins, etc., and they were having a good ol' time watching the beginning of the fall of the Roman empire, and i watched transfixed---realizing that what was on screen was the ultimate white dream...the path Amerikkka was upon.

Well, it's taken a while to get there...but it's now safe to announce...america has arrived!!!

The Howard Stern show has now officially reached the decadence and depravity of Caligula's Rome, and whilst the Moral Majority should be rightfully offended...i AM paying to listen to this fuck off.

For those of you contemplating either Sirius radio or stocks...jump in...the water's starting to get REAL HOT!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


FREE Stuttering John!!!

Unlike most devout Howard Stern listeners, i DO watch Jay Leno from time to time!

When i watched the show recently, i wondered---Why the hell don't Leno have Stuttering John jamming with Kevin Eubanks???

It's bad enough Leno doesn't use him in his Jay Walking skits, which are a direct ripoff of Stern, and somethang that John excelled at...but Stuttering John is an excellent guitarist...not having him jam with Kevin is like having Michael Jordan play 12th man.

The exchanges that Jay has with Kevin would be a lot funnier if Stuttering John was included too.

So why not free Stuttering John so that he can join the Sirius crew.

Speaking of Sirius...what are the XM cheerleaders on Wall Street gonna do when Sirius hits 10 million subscribers by the end of the year?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Lynn Samuels curtisliwaing her audience???

New York City's premier fag hag/revolutionary now seems to be Ms Curtis Sliwa Jr. as she shows no mercy to those who may upstage her.

It may be sour grapes on my part, but recently when she was ranting about how there wasn't a Y2K problem and i pointed out that the real Y2K problem was in November of 2000, i think she made me a non-person on her show!

A little leftover from her days at New York's number one nazi talk-radio show???

Lynn Samuels seems to have lost sight that it is subscribers like me, who initially went to Sirius for Howard Stern, are the ones paying her salary.

Hey, there's nothing wrong when she hangs up on a caller who sucks...and i usually do since to me talking to Lynn Samuels is akin to running into Bob Dylan...but when you set out to permanently ban callers you are pretty much another Ann Coulter in the making.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Another POWERFUL voice from the Bay-area

“Somewhere between mystic and misfit.”RUDE BOY is a product of over 10 years os lyric and spoken word writing.This is Azeem's most powerful work to date.

RUDE BOY is a product of over 10 years os lyric and spoken word writing.

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Don't miss your chance to catch RUDE BOY“Somewhere between mystic and misfit.”RUDE BOY leads you through the dark alleyways and twisted corridors of both real and imaginary worlds.Azeem portrays the character Johnny Burk. A Jamaican American determined to make the best out of a bad situation, Johnny leads the audience on an adventure through the insane asylum full of “dodge ball victims with spirits and micro chips in their hands, to prison where he learns of Islam, to the uncharted territories of space and the spirit world... and back.RUDE BOY is a product of over 10 years os lyric and spoken word writing.This is Azeem's most powerful work to date.DONT MISS IT March 15 the 20068pm SHARP !!!@ the Marsh Theater - SF1062 Valencia St. 415.826.5750

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