Monday, November 13, 2006


Da Bears: Kiss a Griese-less Super Bowl goodbye

I wish I was more computer savvy and my "official" blog was more organised...then I could pinpoint the post where I said the Bears without Bob Griese's kid is one of the most worthless offenses in the NFL...and unlike what Al Michaels said last night---I'm NOT one of those bloggers who is gonna jump on the Bears bandwagon now. In fact, after seeing last night's game, I'm not sure the Bears will make it past the first round!!!

I DON'T KNOW what people's football philophies are---but in MY book: Whenever you haveKICKERS trying to strip the ball loose on a've got a team that deserves NO RESPECT!!!

Yeah, the Bears won last night...but EVERY coach in football sees the obvious flaw...and if you follow the old axiom: Hit them hard and hit them often...then it's just a matter of time before Rex Grossman shows that he's the Second Coming of Richard Todd.

IF the Bears make it to the conference championship they'll be facing a healthier Giants defence, and HOPEFULLY Eli will have learnt to no-huddle it like his big brother (who'll be forever watching the Super Bowl on TV)...regardless, it's the Patriots or Ravens Super Bowl this year.

Friday, November 10, 2006


The Howard Stern Whack Pack Hendrix connection

Just for those of you who may only know of me from here, THIS is my video/music homage to Jimi, and it also shows you what i do when i listen to Stern in the

NOT the greatest performance ever...having never pumped up my Roland Micro-cube to that level i was shocked at those sounds coming out of it, so the lapses in timing is due maily to SURPRISE!!!

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