Friday, January 05, 2007


Writer's Digest LAUDS "Jew Girl" but screws its contestant!!!

In my ezine post today I show that while Writer's Digest had crowned me an author worh watching in the emerging genre of Street Lit...[sorry to all you non-Xangans, you'll have to register in order to read the full review], the fact remains that Writer's Digest IS scamming aspiring writers annually...THEY already got another contest in the works!!!

I personally paid $100 to get a NEGATIVE review of my book since all the so-called writers' sites told me I sucked, so I had no expectation of copping the top prize, but i KNEW my shit was good.....

For the thousands of writers out there STILL WAITING for that promised evaluation that Writer's Digest did NOT deliver...sign up on that e-zine link i have at the beginning and LET your voice be heard.

The sound of one hand clapping can never thuderously effect change as the charge of the masses storming the Bastille...or you can enter the Writer's Digest contest again this year and HOPE that things will be different!

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