Monday, October 16, 2006


Writers Digest POD scam

The Writers Digest have announced the winner of their print-on-demand contest, yet have failed to fulfill their promise to fairly critique all entries and give contestants a link to said critique! So I sent them the following e-mail:

Knowing full well that a whitebread magazine like yours would never
even consider a revoltionary novel by a Black James Joyce anything more
than an honourable mention, if that, the sole reason for entering your
P.O.D. contest was a possible blurb for my book!

In essence, I paid $100 for an unbiased critique, and with the winners
now announced, besides mail fraud I think there are a few other
violations of the law that I can nail you on, and since I already have the
lawyers lined up, I WOULD appreciate a quick RSVP

I have no qualms about pursuing this matter in court...those of you who have waited all these months for their "verdict" can understand WHY I'm so perturbed!!!

The attorney general of California frowns upon fraud, and since I know someone in upper management at the UPS, I think I can interest the Postmaster General in Writers Digest's little foray into mail fraud.

Jew Girl is available on Froogle for those of you who haven't made the commitment to read the most controversial book of the 21st-century yet...and the struggle continues!

Eeek. $100.!! Yeah, I'd threaten them too. That's a scam, as you so rightly point out.
Looks like Writers Digest has picked up the ball...recieved the following e-mail:

Hello. Please see my response below.
Honorable Mentions and all other entrants will receive their certificates, commentary sheets and prizes (HMs only) by the end of 2006.

You will receive your individual commentary sheet by the end of 2006.

The guidelines are attached.

One good thing about the internet, it allows you to FIGHT city hall!!!
Although this will probably sour the reviews that Writers Digest might have had of my book, THIS is what was promised:

All other entrants will receive Certificates of Participation. And, all entrants will receive a judge's commentary and a listing with a link on the Writer's Digest Web site, provided an accurate URL is written on the Entry Form

Maybe I'm a bit ignorant, but nowhere do i see that the judge's commentary will be available AT THE END OF THE YEAR...the clear implication here is that said commentaries would be available at the end of the contest!!!

So something that could prove invaluable for Christmas promotions, when many books are sold, is NOT available to entrants in this cuntest!
While I was out of town I cleared out my emails. I found another email from writer's digest, sent since the one I told you about before. It reads:

"Plus, if you entered the 75th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition (the deadline was June 1), sit tight because you could be contacted with some great news soon! All contest winners will be notified no later than October 20—and a list of winners will be featured in the December issue of Writer’s Digest!"

That is what I intended to tell you the other day when I called and you said "the Boy" was not getting up for school and we moved to the "GET UP" mode.

{v} Love ya guy
I hope they send the commentary sheets soon. Mostly I came to comment about the beautiful picture (Manson?) in the profile. I dig it the most and hum his version of Personal Jesus for the rest of the day.
TODAY is Cyber Monday...and Writers Digest has YET to send out those critiques that contestants PAID $100 per for!!WTF????
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