Thursday, February 26, 2015


Progressive SLAVERY: The DeBlasio/UFT agenda?

Since it is Black History Month,  (by design the shortest month on the calendar0, NEVER FORGET that it was once illegal to teach a Nigroe to read...and as the UFT & "Soon Come" De Blasio goes to the full-court press against charter schools, #AllKidsNeed has become a rallying cry for a cult of incompetence!


Think for ourselves has been anathema to the UFT for...ever???
Ocean Hill– Brownsville and the Black community TRIED to Marva Collins it in 1968--but a success academy was struck down by the almighty UFT then--and they try to do so NOW!

So i was surprised to read the following today:
For five years, I taught in a district school in the South Bronx. I found the experience disheartening at times — a lack of training held me back, and the curriculum wasn’t challenging.
I needed an environment where quality and excellence mattered. I needed to be pushed and I needed greater accountability for teachers, parents and administrators.
Then I found out about a local charter, Success Academy. I was blown away after one visit: I watched second-graders discuss literature in a way I’d never heard before. I was left speechless, but knew I had to be part of the great things that were happening there.
One does have to ask though, WHY our kids can't read..or do remedial math with a high school diploma!

used to be the mantra...

yet we NOW surrender our children's future to a unionized pseudo middle-class?

George Bernard Shaw famously said: Those who can, DO; those who can't, TEACH--but he was probably an undercover UFT rep?

Those who CAN teach, those who CAN'T?? 

The latter think that their paychecks are more relevant than the JOB they're supposed to do?

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