Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Kafka & Ferguson in the "Information" Age

Before i even went to Errol Louis' Twitter link to his op-ed in today's Daily News,  i immediately felt i had to brush up on my Franz.

Unlike most who probably just read "The Metamorphosis" in junior high, i was a bit more exposed to Kafka as i was more a Sartre-like self-taught kid who hounded librarians & English teachers for more of this stuff every time i ran across something that sparked my imagination.

In Kafka’s parable “Before the Law” we see, quite famously, that the story’s protagonist (known only as “the man from the country”) is forced to wait before the gate of law for his whole life. The gatekeeper, whose only purpose seems to be to bar the man’s way, keeps him sitting on a stool just before the gate. As the man is dying from old age, he has this well-known exchange with the gatekeeper:
“Everyone strives to attain the Law,” answers the man, “how does it come about, then, that in all these years no one has come seeking admittance but me?” The doorkeeper . . . bellows in his ear: “No one but you could gain admittance through this door, since this door was intended only for you. I am now going to shut it.”
Back then i sensed it'd eventually make sense to me as i got older, maybe because i was schooled by a lot of blues & jazz dudes who knew NYC when it was hip to be black and not under attack by the NYPD?

Little did i realize that 31 years ago i'd become a Kafka character...or is it caricture?

i was busted for DWI on Rockaway Turnpike one ass-freezing day back then>


i had drank a quart of Wray & Nephew from yard & was traveling with my boy to get an 8-ball of coke since i knew the mescaline i took would soon be petering damn right i was drunk..but driving??

My boy didn't have that car for a week yet, & i reeked of Jamaican white rum a block away...but i had the coke connection!

To make a long story short: a hose broke & y'all know when you drunk you can fix anythang...NOT!

i was under the hood inspecting the engine when this lady hit into us even though the flashers were on--no harm no foul as my boy talked to her--and she started backing up when she was hit by another car & slammed into ours..& the hood of the car almost chopped ME in two.

Pissed, i went to talk to the other driver--a whiteboy--& must've called him motherfucker & cracker 80 times in one breath..he was an off-duty housing cop!

That white rum & mescaline did not wear off the next day in court, when i called him and the arresting officers motherfucking liars!

Judge gave me 90 days for contempt & the DWI was to be stricken from my record if i was cool for 90 days...guess the attendant by that door of justice can now close it?

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