Wednesday, March 04, 2015


WE support our troops

Just seen CrazyDogLady post up THIS picture on Twitter:

Folks from Xanga may remember THIS from 2005:

Another day here in Iraq.  It's already been devastating for many of us here.  
It's difficult because we aren't allowed to speak about what goes on with our 
families for fear that someone else may be monitoring everything we say and 
When you were told I would change I want you to know that the change may 
actually be good for me...I think of you and Lori and my heart swells, wanting 
to hug you.  I haven't felt that way in awhile.  I think taking care of the 
family and my own personal issues jaded me from thinking and loving you guys the 
way I should.  Well, just so you know. 
Things are ok.  I would love some books, the kind you know I like!  All we have 
here is a whole bunch of cheesy Harlequin romance type stuff.  And magazines, 
you know how I love magazines.  Mama, could you send me a nice pillow?  I don't 
have one and my neck and shoulders are killing me!  We have a luxury here in the 
EMT (that's Army speak for ER) a stove!  The interpeters bring us things like 
eggs from the economy to bake with etc.  I could use those flavored creams, no 
one here has half and half!  I would even love the half and half that doesn't 
need to be in the fridge.  Anything easy that young people like.  A lot of the 
soldiers come in from the field and haven't eaten so we would like stuff to be 
able to make for them thats easy and reminds them of home.  Also, we cut off a 
lot of soldiers clothes and then they don't have anything else to wear, so we're 
asking for Dollar Store/WalMart type packages of underware, socks, tshirts, 
shorts, you get the idea.

My room is ok.  It's an old apartment complex that was bombed so you can imagine 
what it looks like.  But, it has air and a shower so it's better than what a lot 
of the soldiers have to deal with.

I have to get going.  I look forward to your messages.  Tell everyone I said hi 
and let Lori know what a smile she brought to my face by sending me a letter.  
It sucks going to the mail room and having nothing waiting.

THAT e-mail still brings tears to my eyes, more so because i live in NYC...and nearly half the homeless fought the We SUPPORT our troops war...where are THEIR jobs & benefits??

Whilst i agree with CrazyDogLady, MY agreement don't mean shiite unless WE DEMAND these kids that risked their lives for US to be opinionated assholes get job & housing preferences, etc.

YO, i'm damn near homeless in this tight-ass job market, but YOU hire a vet over ME?

i ain't gonna say a damn thang about that..THESE kids are HEROES!!!

And i'm sure more than half of them wanna kick some ISIS ass!

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